Claim Case Study: Securing protection against an unknown freeholder

By obtaining a known risk policy, a property developer was able to mitigate the risk of building on land where the freeholder was unknown and protect his interests when the freeholder subsequently came forward.

First Title delivers for a new distribution centre

When access restrictions, missing deeds and several covenants threatened to frustrate a client’s new development project, Pinsent Masons turned to First Title for help.

Development proceeds despite receiving mines and minerals notice

A developer’s plans were at risk when it received notice regarding mines and minerals rights on the site. First Title ensured the risks were mitigated and the development was able to proceed.

Lender’s security upheld, despite dubious property transfer and bankruptcy

Just Retirement had its security against a property upheld, despite the property having been transferred by a husband to his wife for no consideration shortly before he was declared bankrupt.

Romania Case Studies

Unlike Western Europe, uncertainties around the property laws and conveyancing systems often mean that protecting against property related risks can be more challenging to underwrite but not, as the following examples detail- impossible.

French Case Studies

Access all Areas

Establishing the validity of a right of access used for a long period of time could have been a significant block for one of First Title’s clients; but decisive action helped clear the way.

How to De-Risk Development Projects

First Title provided cover for the purpose of a seller of strategic land to overcome the objection of a prospective buyer who wanted to purchase conditional on obtaining insurance cover.

Real Estate Portfolio Refinancing.

First Title Insurance plc partners with DWF LLP to provide a due diligence solution combining efficiency and protection for a major UK Bank.

Beware the Fraudulent Mortgagee

First Title provided a Home Loan Protection Policy (HLPP) which provides protection for the lender in the event that “the Insured Mortgage is invalid or unenforceable as an encumbrance against the title to the Land.”

Claim of the Month: Dead-End Drive-through.

Access routes often cause problems - especially when the ‘route’ isn’t really a route at all. Protection of title and mediation determined the success of this claims case study.

First Title Polices Do Make a Difference.

A blocked entryway prevented access to Tesco’s employee parking which could have dramatically impacted on their busiest trading period of the year. Read how First Title overcame the problem of avoiding court action and settling the claim with no costs incurred by Tesco’s.

Claim of the Month: Following the Right Road.

Access rights can be tricky to resolve. This case demonstrates how appropriate insurance can help even when the situation seems insoluble.

Claim of the Month: The Conservatory That Had to Go.

Becky Morgan, Claims Team Manager, First Title Insurance plc, explains how First Title supported its client who faced the challenge of dealing with the Local Authority regarding a planning permission issue.

CEE Case Studies

As a territory, Central and Eastern Europe presents some unique risks and challenges, from very differently organised and often less reliable land registry systems to the threat of claims for the return of land titles confiscated by the former Communist authorities